Speed tests

There are different types of speed tests. Very simple tests are limited to displaying the download and upload speed (e.g. Ookla). However, there are also more detailed tests.


iPerf3 tests not only the bandwidth but also packet loss and other parameters.

The test can be easily installed via the CLI and then executed (example Linux with Debian):

$ sudo apt install iperf3 $ iperf3 -c

With other Linux distributions, the package manager is different from apt.

The iPerf3 command can be extended. With -4 or -6 you can specify whether the test should be carried out over IPv4 or IPv6. With -R the test direction can be reversed. Further information can be found on the iPerf3 man page.

wget for HTTP or HTTPs

A speed test with wget provides the start and end time of a download as well as the average download speed. The test can also be executed via the CLI:

$ wget

In addition to the HTTP test, wget also provides an HTTPS test. To avoid overfilling the hard disk, the file can be discarded directly:

$ wget -O /dev/null

If you want to determine yourself whether the test is carried out via IPv4 or IPv6, simply adjust the URL slightly. Below are two examples:

$ wget $ wget

In addition to the file in our example, other test files are available for download: